Miten tulen huippuneuvottelijaksi?
Negotiation Power
Negotiation Power - how to become a master negotiator?

The leading Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, used the negotiation framework developed in the book to rate the leading Finnish politicians in an article "Pekkarinen ranked highest among top politicians for negotiating skills" published in the international edition on March 27, 2008. The authors and the book were widely quoted in the article, including:

- Miettinen sees former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as a "truly tough" negotiator. "He took power from the Conservatives and brought his country into the Iraq war even against the will of his own country. And he survived it without being destroyed", Miettinen says. Torkki's favourite is former president Martti Ahtisaari. "He shows the courage of an experienced negotiator. He emphasises toughness. He needs to be able to say that this is the limit. When he steps into a room, his position comes through in a strong manner", Torkki says. 

Information to Publishers

Please read the international synopsis of Neuvotteluvalta (Negotiation Power - How to become a top negotiator) and contact details of WSOY's foreign rights team led by Ms. Meena Kaunisto.
Neuvotteluvalta - Miten tulen huippuneuvottelijaksi?
is a negotiation guidebook written by Sami Miettinen and Juhana Torkki. The book was launched in March 2008 by the largest Finnish publisher WSOY. The book was an instant best-seller, making the top-20 non-fiction nationwide lists in both March and April 2008. The second edition was printed in September 2008, and third edition (in soft cover) in May 2009.

Sami Miettinen
 is a Helsinki-based investment banker (MSc, MBA, CFA) with 14 years of experience in London and New Orleans. He has a negotiation blog.

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Juhana Torkki (PhD in theology) is a speech writing and presenting coach, whose previous book is Puhevalta (Otava 2006).